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Project cargo transportation 

Usually the project delivery of the object is carried out by the transport column, which allows the customer to disinhibit the equipment as one object.

The life cycle of the project transport consists of the following stages:

  1. Development of the technical assignment for the transportation of the
    object with the Customer;

  2. Development of a route map (logistics);

  3. Determination of the cost of transportation (the cost is determined at
    the stage of signing the contract and remains unchanged for the entire
    duration of the contract);

  4. Development of a scheme for placing cargo on trailers;

  5. Development of a cargo fastening scheme;

  6. Manufacturing of special fasteners;

  7. Insurance of the object (cargo);

  8. Preparation and provision for loading cars;

  9. Tracking and monitoring the movement of road transport;

  10. Provision of required reports to the Customer;

  11. Delivery of the whole set of equipment to the Customer;

  12. Assistance when unloading equipment;

  13. Analysis of the project, introduction of a proposal to the customer to
    reduce costs by reducing the time for subsequent joint work.

transportation MEGA trailer, MEGA trucking
transportation MEGA trailer, MEGA trucking

Project transportation is a service for transportation of a whole complex of equipment, technological lines and blocks, industrial plants and installations. Project transportation is currently one of the most complex types of transportation required by a cohesive teamwork, from international drivers to engineers and lawyers.

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