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Cargo (freight) transportation from Germany to Russia and Belarus

transportation from germany to russia and belarus and from russia to germany

Transportation of goods by mega trailers from Germany to Russia is one of the main areas of our business.

Why should you carry goods with us?
1. Our group of companies has branches in Europe, Russia and Belarus, which makes it possible to carry out transportation throughout the year without problems with permit deficiency (CEMT);
2. In our fleet only mega trailers;
3.  We can carry quickly (Kaluga, RUS - Wolfsburg, DE in less than 48 hours)

We performed deliveries to conveyor production on a long-term basis for the following clients:

1. SUMSUNG. Slovakia - Russia
2. Spare parts VW. Germany - Kaluga
3. Spare parts SKODA. CZ - Nizhny Novgorod
4. Frame houses. Belarus - Spain. 
5. IKEA. Belarus - Spain
6. Loaders CAT. Poland - Russia

7. Tractors BELARUS. Belarus - Russia

cargo transportation from Germany D to Russia RUS
cargo transportation from germany to russia mega trailer
cargo transportation from russia to germany mega trailer
transportation from germany d to russia rus by mega trailer
our capabilities

- EURO 6  trucks

- MEGA trailers with lifting foofs
- DIN EN 12642 «Code XL» trailers
- Double-sided TÜV / DEKRA certified pallet stop according to DIN EN 12642

- GPS monitoring

- Personal manager

- SPEED delivery

- ADR transportation

MEGA trailer transportation

department name​: logistics

Year of foundation:  2011

head of department: Kirill Dreko 


tel/viber: +375 (44) 501- 40 - 76

tel/viber: +375 (44) 501- 40 - 34

skype:  company SHTS


223013, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk region, Samokhvalovichsky village, 14

Head of logistics department
Dreko Kirill
tel/viber: +375 (44) 501-40-34
Vitalii Novak
tel/viber: +375 (44) 501-40-48
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